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A closeup of a nano tank with many WonderShrimps in it.

About Us

Welcome to the extraordinary world of CRS HAVEN, Singapore's first premier shrimp boutique, a revolutionary concept in aquatic wonders!


We are delighted to unveil a haven dedicated exclusively to the mesmerizing world of shrimps. Indulge in a sensory voyage as you explore our diverse collection of shrimps.

A Sanctuary for Shrimp Enthusiasts


Ornamental Shrimps

CRS Haven Logo

At CRS HAVEN, we are more than just an aquatic shop. We are a sanctuary for shrimp enthusiasts. Our passion for shrimps extends beyond the ordinary, offering bespoke aquarium experiences firsthand as we craft extraordinary nano tank setups that blend artistry and aquatic life, making each creation a living work of art.

We offer an unparalleled collection of WonderShrimps and

Ornamental Shrimps.


Embark on a journey through an aquatic wonderland where passion meets creativity.

WonderShrimps Logo with slogan. Self-Sustaining Ecosystem.

Come experience the simplicity with our WonderShrimps' innovative self-sustaining haven. Marvel at the flourishing aquatic creatures as they create a hassle-free dynamic ecosystem in our nano tanks. 

WonderShrimps is our registered trademark and unique to our brand of products.

WonderShrimps nano tank bottle
2 WonderShrimps nano tank bottle in clear transparent packaging.

Hassle-Free Pets in an Exquisite Self-Sustaining Ecosystem

Enter the Amazing World of Shrimp

Discover a new-found passion as you browse within our inviting and friendly atmosphere, immersing yourself in the boundless beauty of aquatic life. Indulge yourself in endless creativity as we transform nano tank setups into captivating aquatic symphonies, gorgeous to both eyes and imagination.

A graphic of a red WonderShrimps
CRS Haven Certification awarded for being the first premier boutique dedicated to Crystal Red Shrimps.

Our Accolade

CRS HAVEN stands as Singapore's premier boutique dedicated to Crystal Red Shrimps (CRS). Our commitment lies in delivering unparalleled excellence in shrimp quality to our valued customers. A remarkable accolade graced us as recipients of the Singapore Book of Records 2007.


At the heart of our purpose is the steadfast dedication to furnishing top-tier shrimp quality and crafting unforgettable customer experiences. Customer satisfaction is important to us, propelling us to present the utmost finest for our esteemed customers consistently.

A group photo of happy customers in the shop at CRS Haven.

Sparkles of Joy

A visit to CRS HAVEN is more than just shopping. It is an odyssey of discovery where your shrimp journey finds its ultimate expression.


It is an art form and an unforgettable experience. Step into a world where passion meets comfort, where creativity meets tranquility.


Elevate your aquatic journey and embrace a world of vibrant colors, captivating shrimps, and endless fascination. Let curiosity guide you through our doors, and let your underwater odyssey begins here!

Our Gallery of Happiness

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